With a career expanding over 15 years, Lizzi is a globally trained healing arts trainer with an expertise in mediation, energy editing and vinyasa flow yoga. Focusing on the mind, body and spirit, Lizzi designs a customized-path for each client to achieve their personal goals. Trained in Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom, Lizzi’s soothing, judgment-free approach and comprehensive knowledge helps clients reduce stress, anxiety and increase productivity. Furthermore, her practice provides the tools to shift the old stories that keep us in neutral.

Through group and private sessions, Lizzi’s extensive client base includes leaders in business, Hollywood, politics and is beneficial to anyone looking to explore and be in the present moment.

Listen to Lizzi’s journey in greater detail in this interview by Amanda Boylen on her podcast, She Did It Her Way.

You are exactly where you are meant to be mentally, physically and spiritually.

Lizzi’s path to re-charging and de-stressing includes painting and jewelry making. Please inquire to see more.