What Is Energy Editing

I help busy people shift their limiting beliefs so they can be stronger leaders! The Energy Editing system is used to smash the blockages keeping us stuck.  All those goals you set year after year yet can't quite grasp...I can help you.  You will realize and RELEASE the old beliefs that are holding you back from achieving goals.  If I were a fairy godmother (working on that certification!) with a magic wand, what would you ask me to change about your life?  Ready to actually enjoy the life you've created? Dream of a better work/life balance? Want to earn more money? Call me to hear more about it and see if it's right for you!  

"Though I was very skeptical at first, I dove in and gave Energy Editing with Lizzi a shot. My life opened up honestly less than a week after my first session. I previously felt absolutely stuck in my life with a black cloud hanging over me. I saw so many amazing things ahead of me but quite literally felt my feet stuck in cement preventing me from getting anywhere near it. I never expected such big changes to happen so fast and it blew me away! I am beyond excited to see where the work can take me from here!" Jacqueline Gould

How I found Energy Editing

I joined an online program introducing me to Energy Editing as a way to shift money blocks. It seemed like a fun experiment and I wanted to see what it was all about. In my first month, I made $4,000 more than my average month! There was no logical explanation for it. My first instinct was an eye roll, how could this possibly work? I figured it was a fluke, it had to be a fluke! Then I noticed that the next month I FELT really great...I mean...EXCITED about my average day. I was happy, I felt lighter, I loved my life in an extreme way. The obvious answer was to keep going! It wasn't just about money, it was about ENJOYING my life!

“After a few sessions with Lizzi, I noticed my response to stress had dramatically changed. The issues coming up at work didn’t change, but my physical and emotional response to them did. I find myself able to handle any work crisis with a clear head and move on without letting the frustration spin in my mind for days. I feel I’m a better leader for my team now than I was 6 months ago.” CM

From fine to Great!

I learned that I am absolutely NOT ok with a life that is Fine. I don’t want fine, I want AMAZING, and I’m not ashamed to say it. For years I tried to check the boxes I was told bring happiness. My goals were set for a good job, a good condo, a good husband. I achieved all of them and realized they weren't doing the trick. It felt like there was something wrong with me. Why wasn't I as happy as everyone else seemed? My blocks were around being able to FEEL and truly enjoy the abundance I had already created. Once I removed those old beliefs and fears, I let go of the old expectations finally know what real Happiness feels like.

“After what can only be described as a life altering Energy Editing session, I continued to work with Lizzi, mostly to work on professional blockages, and I have seen a world open up that I had convinced myself was no longer available to me. I have recently embarked on new work and volunteer opportunities that I know Lizzi’s sessions paved the way for. It’s not just the sessions, it’s the homework and the follow up she provides. She is fully invested and I am so grateful.” Katy Caldwell

What I love about Energy Editing

For YEARS I had been "doing the work" to move forward in my life. I love my therapist and treasure my time with her, AND, I have never experienced such rapid results as I do with Energy Editing. This work is NOT for those who want to stay where they are and keep complaining. This work WILL change your life. You WILL move forward and you WILL start cruising through goals!!! Ready to get to it?  Contact me and lets MOVE ON UP!

“Four days after our session, I felt that a weight had been lifted and I had a renewed drive for success! Old wounds no longer had the same power over me. I am stronger and more confident as my own creator. I know anything is possible for me.” Raquel Jex